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So you want to become a Loan Signing Agent?

Providing loan Signing Closing services as a Notary can offer a profitable income opportunity.  

But how do you start? Where can do you get business from?

And most of all, How you do you conduct a proper Loan Closing?

We have created a community, support services and events for Newbie Loan Singing Agent just like you!

 We offer first hand knowledge on how to properly conduct a loan closing, from confirmation to shipping, and have services to properly train and support you too can earn over $5k a month as a Loan Signing Agent!

E-Notary Conference 2022
Newbie Mixer 2/2022
NC Signing Agent Newbie Network Mixer
Newbie Mixer 12/21
Newbie Nixer 9/21
Enotary Conference  2022
12 Days of Cloan Closings LIVE
Elanie & Sarah
Lets Talk Signings with Erica G.
Newbie Mixer Raliegh 10/22
Ms. Shirley
game Night (2)
Newbie Mixer 12/22
Ozzie & Sarah
Newbie Mixer 2/22
Newbie Mixer Winner Angela J 12/21
Newbie Mixer 2/22

Our Founder

Sarah Myles is a 4.9 star rated Notary Signing Agent with a background in marketing & economic development located in Gastonia, North Carolina. Having completed over 550 closings to date and a passion for helping others, Sarah formed the NC Signing Agent Newbie Network where she mentors hundreds of new signing agents in North Carolina. She is passionate about producing quality results and is driven by excellent customer service.

Sarah Myles Notary Closing Agent