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Notarizing Vehicle Titles

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

Vehicle Title Etiquette 101: Sellers, Please notarize the title before you sell a vehicle...

Although 90% of MylesCorp notary work comes from loan signings, we do perform general notary work such as notarizing car titles and I-9 documents. Lately, we here at Mylescorp have been getting a lot of inquiries from potential clients who want the title notarize to their newly purchased vehicle. We are more than happy to help (and also to get the business) but soon find out that the vehicle title has already been signed by the seller and not notarized. Notarizing a signed vehicle title without the owner present is the #1 Notary violation (notarizing without requiring personal appearance).

So Remember: Only the seller's signature needs to be notarized on the title...

In some cases, a replacement title would be needed to complete the sale (here's the link).

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