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Signing Agent Liability E&O vs Notary E&O Insurance

Starting out as a Newbie Signing Agent, the only insurance I had only heard about was Notary E&O thru National Notary Association (NNA). It wasn't an "if" I was going to get E&O insurance but a "how much" insurance coverage I could afford at the time. It wasn't until my third or fourth month as an agent that I started hearing about Signing Agent insurance on the Facebook phone lines. I started researching, and of course, NNA E&O Insurance was front and center, but I found others like Hiscox and BiBerk but both only offering Professional Liability coverage, but not Signing Agent Liability coverage.

I then took another approach and asked, "What is the difference between Signing Agent Liability and Notary E&O insurance?" Now, we all know Notary Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance only covers the notarizations done during a signing, but, what was this elusive Signing Agent Liability E&O Insurance. Well let me tell you, Signing Agent E&O Insurance is designed to fill the gaps not covered by traditional Notary E&O Insurance. Signing Agent E&O Insurance provides coverage for:

  • Innocent errors or omissions related to signing agent notarial acts

  • Incorrectly dating the right of rescission

  • Missed initials or non-notarized signatures

  • Unauthorized changes to documents

  • Negligence of the signing agent to complete the documents in a timely manner

  • Slow return of date-sensitive documents

I was given a lead to the E. R Munro & Company insurance by the wonderful CEO at American Notary USA. They offer Signing Agent Liability Insurance with coverage starting at $250k and cover an array of liabilities. I am now looking to purchase this insurance since I am a newbie and I know I've missed an initial at least once. So the outcome of this ultimate E&O insurance versus battle is a DRAW! As a fair judge, I believe both are essential to cover so that both sides of our Businesses are fully covered.

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